Archaeology in the Classroom Kit Inventory

Replica artifacts:

  1. Atlatl (spear thrower)
  2. Chuck-it (modern-day toy similar to an atlatl)
  3. Stone hand hold
  4. Tinder
  5. Hearths (2)
  6. Bow drill
  7. Clovis Point
  8. Folsom Point
  9. Calf Creek Point
  10. Tanged Point
  11. Pueblo Knife
  12. Side-Notched Point
  13. One pottery vessel
  14. 9 potsherds (3 painted, 3 corrugated, 3 grey ware)

3D printed items:

  • Bone awl
  • Bone needle
  • Side-notched projectile point

Ancient Colorado: An Archaeological Perspective / David Grant Noble

Intrigue of the Past: A Teacher’s Activity Guide for Fourth through Seventh Grades / Shelley J. Smith, Jeanne M. Moe, Kelly A. Letts and Danielle M. Paterson

Intrigue of the past : discovering archeology in Colorado (3 ring binder and CDROM)

1 DVD, Ancient technologies : fire starting, corn grinding, flint knapping, atlatl / Erin Baxter

Time line poster (laminated 36 cm x 29 cm)

8 laminated sheets of the time periods of the Pueblo culture

How to start a fire using the bow drill (4 sheets of printed instructions and illustrations)

Wallace ruin (1 laminated sheet)

10 hand lenses

10 rulers