Who are the kits for?

The kits collection is for Colorado libraries and schools, as requested by staff members. Generally, our users are members of the CLiC Courier system, which is how we transport our kits.

We sometimes lend some of our kits, such as the technology kits, to other organizations such as museums, archives, or historical societies. If you’re not sure if you’re eligible to borrow a kit, email Kitsupport@coloradovirtuallibrary.org.

How do I sign up?

To borrow a kit, you will need to first be enrolled in the CSL Kits program. Your “Kit account” is the same as your CSL Book Club account if you participate in that program. If you already have a CSL Book Club user number and password, skip to step 4 below.

  1. Go to https://cslkits.cvlsites.org/enroll/
  2. Complete and submit the enrollment form.
  3. You will receive an email with a user number and password for your library within a short time.
  4. Go to our online resource catalog at https://csl.catalog.aspencat.info/
  5. Login into your CSL account using the “Login” button at the top right of the screen.
  6. Use the Search bar, or browse for “Resource Kit”, to find the Kit you want to borrow.
  7. Place a Hold on the desired kit.
  8. The checkout period is 2 months. If the kit is available, it will be sent to you the next business day via the Courier. If it is checked out to another library, your hold will remain in place until the item is available or you cancel the hold.
  9. Please remember to submit feedback either on the paper form included on the clipboard in the kit or use the online form.

Contact Kit Support (303-866-6900 or email at KitSupport@coloradovirtuallibrary.org) with questions.

What if I’m not a from a library or school?

We occasionally lend items to historical societies or other organizations, via local libraries (which is where the courier transports the kits). If you are interested in working with a library to request a kit, contact Kit Support at KitSupport@coloradovirtuallibrary.org.

What is the loan period for each kit?

Account holders can place holds through the catalog at https://csl.catalog.aspencat.info/ for eight weeks at a time and may renew if there is not a hold on that kit. The kits are not available for loan to out of state libraries or organizations other than libraries at this time.

How do I see if a kit is currently available to be reserved?

Details of all the kits can be viewed by searching in the catalog at https://csl.catalog.aspencat.info. The catalog shows the availability of all the items.

What if I lost or damaged an item in the kit?

If you have lost or damaged an item from the kit, contact us at Kit Support as soon as possible.  We will let you know if the missing/damaged item needs to be replaced or not.  If it is determined that the item needs to be replaced, please try to find a suitable replacement from your side and send it back to the State Library as soon as possible along with a note so that we know that you have replaced the missing item.  Please do not just replace the item without letting us know.

Can I reserve the kit for a specific date in the future?

We cannot accept a request for kits in the future. If the kit is available now, then you will need to borrow it now. If the kit is on loan to another library, you may place a hold on it but will receive the kit as soon as it is returned.

Our system (AspenCat) allows for you to “suspend” your hold for a future date, but there is no guarantee that it will be available at that date.

What about book club “kits”?

We call them “sets” to slightly differentiate between the “resource kits” on this site.

We have a collection over over 1,000 book club sets (each set contains 8+ copies, plus discussion materials) that are available using the same account as the CSL Kits. Find out more on the Colorado Virtual Library website.

How do I return the kit?

As you prepare to return the kit using Courier Code C912 (CSL), please verify that it is complete using the contents checklist provided (usually on a clipboard). Please remember to submit feedback either on the paper form included on the clipboard in the kit or use the online form.

Where can I get a copy of a kit’s binder?

You are free to make copies of any kit binder you borrow. We no longer upload all our binders to this site, but we try to include any information that is linked in the binders we create on the relevant kit’s page. Feel free to email us if you are looking for something specific and we’ll do our best to accommodate you and your needs.

Who do I contact if I have specific questions about the kits?

You can always contact Kit Support at the State Library with any questions regarding the kits.  Help is available via telephone at: 303-866-6900 or email at KitSupport@coloradovirtuallibrary.org.

Where can I give you feedback on the kit?

Please complete this survey.