Reimaging School Readiness: Measurement

The ability to accurately observe, measure and use the resulting information is a basic competency at the root of many STEM skills. By encouraging young children to experiment with these concepts and incorporate their findings into their play, you are encouraging the development of this skill, as well as their creativity and initiative. When combined with adult guidance, young children can grasp concepts such as bigger/smaller, longer/shorter, heavier/lighter, and use them as part of their daily experiments with the world around them. Measurement is also included in the Colorado Preschool Academic Standards


This kit will allow library staff to present play-based, interactive programs on measurement for young children, ages 3 to 7. However, consideration should also be given to adult caregivers bringing the children to your programs.


  • 2 sets Keva Planks
  • 2 Weight and Mass Kits
  • 4 Children’s Tape Measures
  • Set of 4 stuffed dog toys
  • Set of 6 plastic dinosaurs
  • Set of 14 African safari plastic animals
  • 1 copy of each of the following books:
    • How Tall Was a T.Rex? By Alison Limentani
    • Measuring Penny by Loreen Leedy
    • Ants Rule: The Long and Short of It by Bob Barner
    • How Heavy? by Mark Weakland
    • Inch by Inch by Leo Lionni
    • Me and the Measure of Things by Joan Sweeney
  • 2 Height charts
  • 4 18” rulers
  • 2 60-inch fabric tape measures