Music (Ukuleles)

Music programs are a great way to introduce low-cost STEAM programs into your library.  Many libraries engage their communities through unorthodox, hands-on programming that teaches STEAM principals.  Music education obviously taps into the Arts, but there are also mathematical principals that underline all instruments and composition.  Music is used every day for self-expression, entertainment, religion, therapy, forging personal connections and inspiring every kind of emotion.  Music teaches us to listen carefully.  It’s also an activity that builds community in a way that can appeal to diverse groups of people.


1 1” red resource kit binder containing:

1 red key-shaped USB flash drive containing printable documents

1 clipboard

1 2” red resource kit binder containing:

  • 1 book (How to Play Ukulele: A Complete Guide for Absolute Beginners, 9781908707086)
  • 2 blue kazoos and cleaning wipes
  • Picks (including 2 pick holders, 1 white, 1 yellow)
  • ____ complete sets of replacement strings, plus ____ strings from incomplete sets
  • 2 finger shakers, one black, one blue
  • 8 4”x6” Ukulele Chords Cheatsheets
  • 2 Kala quick start guides: “Learn to Play Ukulele”
  • 2 white booklets: “How to Play Ukulele”
  • Contact tuner manuals (in sheet protector)

8 ukuleles:

  • 2 Lightwish mahogany concert ukuleles (with straps attached)
  • 2 black Kala Color Chord ukuleles
  • 2 red Mahalo ukuleles
  • 2 purple Hola! ukuleles

8 assorted black ukulele cases

1 24”x36” popular ukulele chords poster (in poster tube)

2 CDs (The Old Silo by James Hill and Travels by Jake Shimabukuro)

1 DVD (Mighty Uke: The Amazing Comeback of a Musical Underdog documentary)

1 black velvet bag containing:

  • 5 black contact tuners


This kit is designed to be used by library staff who may know next to nothing about music themselves.  Staff can use their preparation time to learn the basics, or find a musician in their community to teach a program.

The materials in this kit are primarily for aspiring musicians, ages 9 and up.  Adults and children who want to learn to play an instrument will be able to dip their feet into the world of music and have fun making noise in the library.