Chess Tournament

The Chess Tournament Kit was created to provide library staff with all the equipment and resources they need to bring the world of chess into the library setting. We hope it will spark community interest in a game that has experienced a huge boom in recent years.

The kit can be used to host formal-type tournaments, or they can be used for the basis of a display, as well as passive programming for patrons to use casually. You will find 10 tournament size chess sets with weighted pieces, chess clocks, and a variety of chess sets, as well as books and training materials that will benefit people at all levels of skill.


  • Clipboard and feedback form, and double-sided laminated guidance sheet
  • 10x tournament chess sets in zip bags, including 20”x20” silicone boards and plastic quadruple weighted pieces (includes spare queens)
  • 10x digital chess clocks
  • 2x magnetic chess sets with 10” board
    • one set has black and white pieces (includes spare queens)
    • one set has gold and silver pieces (includes spare queens)
  • Family Classics chess set with plastic unweighted pieces and folding 16” board
  • Chess & checkers pieces in bamboo wooden box (approx. 11” board)
  • Wooden folding chess set with wooden pieces (11” board)
  • Story Time Chess learning set
  • Chess Made Simple learning set
  • Books:
    • US Chess Federation’s Official Rules of Chess
    • How to Play Chess for Kids: Simple Strategies to Win Simple Strategies to Win
    • Chess: 5334 Problems
    • Chess Fundamentals: 100th Anniversary Edition
    • Bobby Fischer Teaches Chess