Toddler Storytime Writing

The concept of pre-writing activities for toddlers can be challenging for parents, but with this kit, you can easily model fun, effective pre-writing activities for parents that they can continue at home. Four books that emphasize drawing and finger play, large wooden screw toys, and lacing cards demonstrate how play can help strengthen little hands and increase their dexterity—just the skills toddlers will need when they learn to write in kindergarten.

  • 1 copy: Hands Can by Cheryl Willis Hudson, photos by John-Francis Bourke
  • 1 copy: Andrew Drew and Drew by Barney Saltzberg
  • 1 copy: Mouse Paint by Ellen Stoll Walsh
  • 12 copies: The Game of Finger Worms by Hervé Tullet
  • 1 copy: Nursery Rhymes, Songs and Fingerplays booklet
  • 1 copy: Storytimes for Everyone!: Developing Young Children’s Language and Literacy by Saroj Nadkarni Ghoting and Pamela Martin-Díaz
  • 1 CD: For Those about to Hop by Imagination Movers
  • 1 set of 12 Indestructible Lacing Cards from Lakeshore Learning
  • 1 mouse puppet from Folkmanis (with a paintbrush!)
  • 1 Wooden Lacing Bird from Kaplan Learning
  • 2 sets Twists and Turnables from Hape Toys
  • 2 sets Nuts & Bolts from Plan Toys
  • 1 guide to the kit