Kitchen Math: Hot Chocolate

This kit was designed for small and rural libraries who want to host a fun and educational math program without the expense of buying equipment or the resources to create lessons. With this kit you will be able to create delicious hot chocolate beverages which can be consumed, given as a gift, or used for fundraising.


  • 1, 1” red resource kit binder containing:
    • Programming outline
    • 1 red key-shaped USB drive containing printable documents
    • 4 Laminated recipe sheets: Hot Cocoa Mix, Peanut Butter Brownie Mix, Chocolate Chunk Cookie Mix, and Coffee Cake Mix
    • Paper copies of Hot Cocoa Mix (please take as needed)
    • Kettle manual
  • 3 resource books:
    • Hot Cocoa Comfort : 50 recipes for comforting cups of chocolate – 9781510739963 (two copies)
    • Hot Chocolate : Rich and indulgent winter drinks – 9781849756594 (two copies)
      Gifts in a Jar : cocoas, cappuccinos, coffees, and teas : recipes to make your own gifts – 9781563831348 (one copy)
  • 12 Hands-free baggy openers
  • 7 piece magnetic measuring spoons (10 sets)
  • 6 piece magnetic measuring spoons (5 sets)
  • 7 piece measuring cups (5 sets)
  • 7 piece liquid measuring beakers (5 sets)
  • 10 piece rainbow bowls (3 sets)
  • 10 small metal bowls
  • 16 medium metal bowls
  • 2 electric kettles
  • 1 clipboard with evaluation form to complete (we really want your feedback)


The kit is designed to be used by library staff seeking an activity to introduce key math skills like measuring and conversion as well as important developmental concepts like problem solving and following instructions. The kit is meant to host a program for up to 15 people, teens through adults.