Book Folding

The book folding program is a great way to introduce a low-cost STEAM program into your library. Repeated use of a skill leads to mastery and ability to use it across applications better than rote memorization. Book folding requires the creator to use a ruler repeatedly to mark metric measurements on the page that, when folded at those marks on a 90-degree angle, creates a design.


  • 1” red resource kit binder containing:
    • Programming outline
    • 1 red key-shaped USB flash drive containing printable documents
  • 1¼” white Embellishment Samples resource kit binder
  • 1½” white Patterns and Activities binder
  • 5 resource books:
    • The Repurposed Library, Lisa Occhipinti – 9781584799092
    • Folded Book Art, Clare Youngs – 9781782494157
    • Book Folding Pattern Book: Volume 9, DebbiMoore Designs – no ISBN
    • Mastering the World of Measuring with the Master Ruler – 9780972006915
    • Mastering the World of Angles with the Master Angle – 841971110899
  • 2 CDs
    • The Ruler Game, standard English and metric games
    • Book Folding Pattern CD Rom: Volume 5, Debbie Moore Designs
  • 15 tool-bags, containing
    • 1, 12” English/metric ruler
    • 1, 11” 30/60° triangle
    • 1, 8” 45/90° triangle
    • 1, 4¾” paper creaser (plastic bone folder)
    • 1, 8⅛” paper creaser (plastic bone folder)
  • 15 x-acto knives in a single bubble bag
  • 1 Sample Folded Book, Basic HEART Pattern
  • 1 clipboard with evaluation


The kit is designed to be used by library staff seeking an activity to introduce measuring metric distance and the geometric concept of angles. The activity will create a piece of art, which can be kept, given as a gift, or used for fundraising. Staff could partner with a teacher, tutor, and/or artist in their community for additional support, but the contents of this kit will enable implementation of the book folding program with no math expertise, for under $100, and with 10 or fewer staff preparation hours.
The kit is meant to host a program for 15 teens through adults, with the following requirements:
Dexterity to fold paper on a straight edge.
Ability to count and learn to use metric measurements.
Ability to read and mark measurements on a ruler.