NASA Sun-Earth-Moon Connections

The Sun-Earth-Moon Connections Kit focuses on activities and experiences that better help patrons understand their place in space, and how the Sun and Moon impact our planet. Major content areas in this kit include: modeling both lunar and solar eclipses with easy to use tools, detecting ultraviolet light in a creative way, using sorting cards to explore concepts relating to size, distance, and temperature, and an experiential activity that allows for a greater understanding of the vast scale of our Solar System.


  • Model both lunar and solar eclipses with easy-to-use tools
  • Detect ultraviolet light in a creative way
  • Use sorting cards to explore concepts relating to size, distance, and temperature
  • Create a scale-size model of the Solar System
  • Safely view the Sun with Sunoculars

Developed by STAR Net’s NASA@ My Library team, this kit assists library staff in facilitating programs around exciting NASA science mission topics.


  • 2 bags UV beads,
  • 2 bags pony beads,
  • 2 bags pipe cleaners,
  • 2 UV flashlights,
  • 2 sunoculars,
  • 1 foam ball,
  • 10 small bags of various household items,
  • 27 sorting cards,
  • 5 yardsticks,
  • 12 toothpicks,
  • 5 1-inch balls,
  • 5 114-inch balls,
  • 10 binder clips,
  • 5 yardstick eclipse cards
  • informational sheets
  • 1 book – Moonbear’s shadow by Frank Asch.
  • 1 book – Oh say can you say what’s the weather today? by Tish Rabe.
  • 1 book – Dot to dot in the sky : stories of the aurora by Joan Marie Gala!.
  • 1 book – Getting a feel for lunar craters by David Hurd.
  • Quick Start-up Guide cards

Facilitation Guide

View the facilitation guide that comes with the kit on the STAR Net website:

NASA STEM Facilitation Kit – Sun-Earth-Moon Connections

This list provides the direct link to activities on the STAR Net Libraries Clearinghouse page as well as access to related activities, books, and databases to expand your programs.

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Sun Earth Moon Connections Overview

UV Kid video demo

Jump to Jupiter

Further Resources

Further Resources

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