International Games

Some of the oldest and most popular games on the planet are rarely seen in the US. No longer miss out on a whole world of fun! From the immensely popular, to the relatively obscure, we wanted to create a kit that would enable you to host an international games event for the whole community. There are two international games kits in the collection, with each kit including a totally different set of games from around the world.

See below for full lists of all the games!*

International Games Kit #1

Kit #1 Contents

  • Bagh Chal (Nepal)
  • Catan (Germany)
  • Chinese Chess aka Xiangqi
  • Cribbage (England)
  • Dara (West Africa)
  • Go, aka Baduk/Paduk (China)
  • Gonggi aka Korean Jacks/Nori 
  • Il Gioco dell’Oca aka Game of the Goose (Italy)
  • Ludo – the English version of pachisi (India)
  • Mancala (East Africa)
  • Mexican Train Dominoes
  • Mu Torere (Māori/New Zealand)
  • Quarto (France)
  • Royal Game of Ur (ancient Mesopotamia)
  • Senet (ancient Egypt)
  • Shogi (Japan)
  • Tombola, aka lottery/bingo (Italy)
  • Yutnori (Korea)
International Games Kit #2

Kit #2 Contents

  • 15-in-1 board games set
    • Checkers aka draughts (derived from ancient Mesopotamia)
    • Chess (India)
    • Chinese Checkers (China)
    • Parcheesi aka pachisi, an earlier version of Ludo (India)
    • TicTacToe aka naughts and crosses (thought to derive from ancient Rome)
    • Solitaire (Europe)
    • Snakes and Ladders aka chutes and ladders (India)
    • Mancala (East Africa)
    • Backgammon (England, derived from ancient Mesopotamia)
    • Poker dice (USA)
    • Standard playing cards (Europe)
    • Go Fish (USA, derived from older games)
    • Old Maid (UK, derived from older games)
    • Dominos (China)
  • Five Field Kono aka O-pat-ko-no (Korea)
  • Fox & Geese (Northern European)
  • Hnefatafl, aka Viking Chess (Scandinavia)
  • Jenga (African/British)
  • Karuta cards (Japan)
  • Konane, aka Hawaiian Checkers 
  • Latice Hawaii (America) 
  • Len Choa (Thailand)
  • Loteria (Mexico / Italian origin)
  • Oh! Sushi Game (Japan)
  • Onitama (Japan)
  • Pylos (France)
  • Queah (Liberia)
  • Shut the Box (Europe)
  • Skyjo (Germany)
  • Yut nori (Korea’s Game of Seollal)

Games Instructions

We recommend as the go-to place for resources on traditional games from around the world. The Traditional Board Game Series is a collection of leaflets which includes some of the games we’ve included in the kits:

Instructions are included with each game, but should any of them go missing, a simple Google search for the game title plus “instructions” should bring up some versions or official instructions.

*The countries or regions indicated in parentheses refer to where the games originated and should not be read as the only places these games are played.