Virtual Reality – Meta Quest 2

These two kits bring you a newer version of the Meta (formerly Oculus) virtual reality headset. Unlike our previous VR kit, each kit contains two headsets!

Each Quest 2 is loaded with apps/experiences/games, but there’s plenty of room to download and explore the great variety of apps (many of them offered for free) from Meta.


This kit is designed to be used by people 13 years of age and older. Meta warns against those under 13 years of age using the product.

There will need to be a staff person or volunteer available while the equipment is in use to assist the user. Situational awareness, the awareness of your surroundings, while wearing the Quest 2 is extremely restricted. Do not leave the user alone in public space.

Most activities are designed for one person with a few exceptions. With the Quest 2, walking is not necessary, but looking around is. We recommend a chair that turns all the way around (like an office desk chair) and enough space to spin in it with arms out.

We have included a User Agreement and we recommend you have every patron using the Quest 2 sign one. We have also included a User Agreement for Young adults (age 13-17) that should be signed by a parent or legal guardian. We do not need the signed User Agreements back.


Clipboard, contents, quick start guide, feedback form

Binder with USB key

2x – Quest 2 bundles in cases:

  • Quest 2 
  • Elite Strap
  • Left and right controllers
  • Charger cable and plug

Bubble pouches with accessories:

  • Silicone cover
  • Glasses spacer
  • Microfiber cloth
  • Meta documentation
  • Original gray head strap 

iPad and charger for screen casting


  • Oculus Quest 2 Complete Guide
  • Experience on Demand
  • Virtual Reality in Public Libraries


Quick Start Guide (PDF)

Full Binder Contents (PDF)

Virtual Reality in Public Libraries (PDF)

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